Calista's $800k TV Deal

4/17/2006 5:29 PM PDT

Calista's $800k TV Deal

Calista Flockhart and co-star Rachel Griffiths will each pocket $200,000 for their roles in 'Brothers and Sisters,' a new pilot for ABC, sources connected with the show tell TMZ.

The two stars will also make $100,000 for each episode, with a guarantee of six. This means that even if the network does not pick up the series, they will each get $800,000. It's no coincidence that they got the same deal; both women are repped by the same lawyer.

Flockhart, who has been offered numerous pilots since 'Ally McBeal' went off the air, was apparently drawn to the script because of its writer, Jon Robin Baitz. She also likes her character: a right-wing talk show host who is forced to run a family business with her sister and her brothers after the death of their father.

Other cast members include Balthazar Getty, Ron Rifkin and Jonathan LaPaglia -- all of whom didn't get paid nearly as much as Flockhart and Griffiths.