Richards and Locklear's TV Liplock

4/25/2006 6:00 PM PDT

Richards and Locklear's TV Liplock

Denise Richards and Heather Locklear's friendship may be over now that Richards has been seen getting cozy with Locklear's soon-to-be ex, Richie Sambora. But the two women were once so close, they shared a kiss.

When Richards guest starred on 'Spin City' -- the show Locklear and Richards' soon-to-be ex, Charlie Sheen, starred in -- Richards and Locklear's characters kissed. It was part of an episode in which Sheen's character learns that Richards' character used to date women.

The episode aired in Nov. 2001. At the time, Locklear was quoted as saying, "I have never felt such beautiful soft lips in my life. I fell in love."

She probably doesn't feel the same way now.