Steve Carell on Posing for Playgirl

5/18/2006 6:03 PM PDT

Steve Carell on Posing for Playgirl

Steve Carell says that his new role as a squirrel is the perfect setup for his ultimate goal -- a stint in Playgirl.

Carell jokes to 'EXTRA' as he makes the rounds promoting his new movie, 'Over the Hedge.' The '40 Year Old Virgin' star plays Hammy, the neighborhood squirrel, in Dreamworks' new animated feature.

Carell deadpans that the producers of 'Hedge' are lucky they signed him to the movie four years ago, before he hit it big. "Yeah, I'm a jerk now," Carell kidded. "I would have NEVER done this movie now. I can't even believe I'm promoting it."

Carell continued to joke with Jon Kelley about his $18,000 jeans and his next big project -- posing for Playgirl.

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