Tallying Up the Brangelina Money Shot

5/22/2006 2:43 PM PDT

Tallying Up the Brangelina Money Shot

With rumors swirling that Angelina Jolie is very close to giving birth to Brad Pitt's baby in Namibia, photographers are camped outside the couple's African hideaway hoping to catch the million-dollar baby.

But what happens if they come up empty-handed?

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TMZ did some digging and found that it's not cheap to jet across the world in search of this modern-day gold rush. The tab: more than $5,000 for a week's stay -- not exactly chump change for a freelance photographer, especially since there's no guarantee of paydirt. (In fact, reports continue to surface that Brangelina already has agreed to sell the photos to a glossy, though nothing on that has yet been confirmed.)

To make things even more pricey, most of the paparazzi chasing the photo have been camped out in Namibia for nearly two months, putting the tab even higher.

According to TMZ research, the costs break down this way:

Round-Trip Flight from Los Angeles to Walvis Bay, Namibia - $4,500.00
Hotel - $70-100 per night
Food - $10-15 per day

That's the bad news. Good news for the paparazzi: Namibian beer costs 10 cents.

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