Nicky Hilton in Miami

5/23/2006 2:10 PM PDT

Nicky Hilton in Miami

Nicky Hilton was living it up in style Friday night in Miami as she hung at the hot restaurant Social Miami at the Sagamore Hotel. Dining with Miss Hilton was the infamous Faye Resnick, best known as Nicole Brown Simpson's best friend.

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The two dined with several other beautiful people, drinking scotch and chowing down on Korean Chicken Lollipops and Kobe beef sliders. Nicky was discussing her newest endeavor- a hotel in Miami that is set to open this fall. Faye Resnick is rumored to be handling the hotel's interior design.

After dinner, the group moved to the restaurant's outside lounge to join former Madonna gal pal Ingrid Casares, continuing the party with Red Bull and rum.