McPhee's High School Spreads the Love

5/24/2006 6:55 PM PDT

McPhee's High School Spreads the Love

The difference between growing up in a small town or a big city could have a profound effect on who is crowned the winner of 'American Idol.'

When Taylor Hicks visited his hometown of Birmingham, Ala. a few weeks ago, it seemed like everyone in town turned up to cheer on their local hero and 'Idol' favorite.

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Los Angeles native Katharine McPhee had to settle for the modest crowds gathered in her former high school's gymnasium.

While both finalists have supporters from across the entire country, McPhee clearly has the love and votes of her alma mater, Sherman Oaks' Notre Dame High School.
The school tried to rally up support for McPhee by sending out an email to all former alumni requesting them to vote for Kat. "If you get a chance, tell your co-workers, friends, parents, kids, grankids, etc. to watch Katharine tonight," the email says, "This is it folks!!! Please help Katharine win this!!!"

Will the school's McPheever generate more votes than Taylor's Soul Patrol fans? Tune in to tonight's 'American Idol' finale to find out who wins.