UPDATE: Anna Nicole Smith -- 'Yes I Am Pregnant'

6/1/2006 5:17 PM PDT

UPDATE: Anna Nicole Smith -- 'Yes I Am Pregnant'

Just one day after sources confirmed to TMZ that she was with child, Anna Nicole Smith has made it official. Yep- she's expecting a baby. "Let me stop all the rumors. Yes, I am pregnant, she says on her website. "I'm happy, I'm very very happy about it. Everything's goin' really, really good" the 38-year-old diet pill pitchwoman, former reality TV star and Playboy playmate says.

On the site, Anna invites fans to subscribe (for a fee, of course) to "Anna Nicole's Video Diary" where she says "I'll be checking in and out periodically on the web and I'll let you see me as I'm growing."

As for the father of the child, reported to be photographer Larry Birkhead, a war of words erupted Wednesday on TMZ between him and Anna's attorney Howard K. Stern. Stern told TMZ emphatically, "Anna wants that guy completely out of her life and obviously he is having trouble dealing with it." In response, Birkhead said, "I have been told that I am expecting a child, I have seen the ultrasound and have spoken to doctors. I am very excited about the possibility of becoming a father. Howard needs to get past his own jealousy about the relationship between myself and his only client."

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