Denise Still Inked to Charlie

6/2/2006 5:42 PM PDT

Denise Still Inked to Charlie

Although the two are involved in a nasty split, Denise Richards still has one piece of Charlie Sheen with her at all time -- his name! Richards was spotted in Calabasas with Charlie's name still tattooed on the inside of her left ankle.

So why does Richards still have her ex's name still inked to her ankle? One reason could be that the process to removal is a lengthy one. TMZ contacted leading tattoo erasing facility Dr. TATTOFF and got the lowdown on just what the process entails.

First off, there's the price. According to CEO James Morel, "typically to get a name erased you're looking at $200-400 per visit and could take 5-10 visits to have it completely removed."

Next, there's the amount of time required. Total removal can take from 6 months to a year, although Morel swears it should take "less than a year if you show up on time, but this being LA who knows what people's schedules are like."

If done correctly, the tattoo will start to turn lighter with each treatment and eventually will disappear completely. There will be no scaring, no ink and should appear like no tattoo was ever there. Like celeb marriages, Morel offers this bite about tattoo removal, "It's pretty amazing, considering they're supposed to be permanent."

One side note, Dr. TATTOFF has a celebrity connection. Christopher Knight-- aka Peter Brady-- is a partner in the company.

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