Let's Get This Party Started: Top Stories for Monday 06/06/06

6/6/2006 10:00 AM PDT

Let's Get This Party Started: Top Stories for Monday 06/06/06


Family matriarch attempts to extinguish fire

After his infamous "firecrotch" tirade became an Internet phenomenon after it was first posted on TMZ.com, Brandon Davis' grandmother Barbara Davis has resorted to telling friends and acquaintances that Brandon is in fact dating the object of his wild invective-Lindsay Lohan-to help quell the consequent furor.

Today's Page Six reports that Mrs. Davis – wife of the late oil baron Marvin Davis – has been trying to mitigate the public-relations damage that her sludge-mouthed grandson has caused her Carousel Ball, an annual fund-raiser for juvenile diabetes. Several A-listers have already decided against attending the event and others – whether by their own hand or their assistants' – have reportedly sent plates for auction with "firecrotch" scrawled on them.

But despite Brandon's public mea culpa and an apparent détente over the weekend between Davis and Lohan after a dinner at LA sushi joint Koi as reported yesterday on TMZ, there is no romance between the two, according to Lindsay's rep. "Lindsay took the high road and accepted Brandon's apology last week, but they are not dating...Lindsay is dating several men who live overseas."

If last night's Council of Fashion Designers of America awards show in New York is any indication, Lohan's people know of what they speak: She emerged on the red carpet with none other than that most European of men, Karl Lagerfeld.

Perhaps their apparent shared affection for foreign men helped Lohan and Brandon Davis' snicker-happy pal Paris Hilton kiss and make up last Saturday night at a party at the lodging heiress' home, as TMZ learned.


Baby Brangelina snaps go for $4.1 million, but no love yet for Grandpa Jon

The first photographs of the world's longest-awaited spawn will be appearing in People magazine after the glossy nabbed the pics in a secret all-night auction for $4.1 million. Editors from the major celebrity rags cloistered themselves in the sweltering rooms of the lower Manhattan offices of the Getty photo agency to see the photos late Saturday night, according to today's Page Six, and then were compelled to make bids by early the next morning. "I'm convinced it was Brangie's revenge on the weekly magazines," says one editor.

It also appears that young Shiloh Nouvel Jolie Pitt is already doing her part for the world's downtrodden, as her parents Brad and Angelina announced that the proceeds will go entirely to international charities.

"While we celebrate the joy of the birth of our daughter, we recognize that two million babies born every year in the developing world die on the first day of their lives," said the couple in a statement.

Meanwhile, Jolie's estranged father Jon Voight has apparently yet to see the child. After the two cleared the air several years ago and starred in Tomb Raider together, Voight has alienated his daughter in recent years with various public comments about her and his political views. And, consequently, Voight has made recent remarks about hoping to "say hello" to his young granddaughter and her parents soon.


Hardcore photos published as divorce row brews

Paul McCartney's wife Heather Mills McCartney has been exposed rather ungracefully to the British public by a London tabloid just as she and the former Beatle begin their legal journey towards ending their marriage.

Explicit pictures of Mills McCartney, now 38, engaging in various sex acts both alone and with a partner appeared in Monday's edition of The Sun. The images were originally published in 1988 in a German book called Die Freuden Der Liebe (The Joys of Love), and appear in the press just a fortnight after the couple announced their split publicly.

Sir Paul has been quick to defend his estranged wife against frequent charges from his adoring public and the press that Mills McCartney, a former model and anti-landmine advocate, married him in 2002 simply for his vast fortune. "It's been suggested that she [Mills] married me for the money and there is not an ounce of truth in this," he wrote on his website. "I'm very sad to see that some insensitive people would choose a moment like this to spread these vicious rumours."


Woody and wife have third child

Woody Harrelson and his wife Laura Louie welcomed their third daughter last weekend, according to People magazine, and named her Makani Ravello.

The actor and frequent and outspoken purveyor of all things hemp-ish and mind-bending was characteristically poetic in his statement announcing the birth (and perhaps rationalizing his failure to produce one Y chromosome out of six): "In this crazy patriarchal world we live in, we are doing our part to balance the energy. We are proud to announce the completion of our goddess trilogy with the birth of our third daughter, Makani Ravello, born on June 3."


Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix tie the knot

The harmonic discontinuity of the Hollywood universe has been assuaged as Ben Affleck and Joaquin Phoenix are now related – by their younger siblings' marriage to one another, as Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix were married over the weekend.

The pair have been an item for some time, and have a two-year-old son, Indiana, but took their time completing their marriage vows: They were, according to People, engaged in December 2003. Casey's big brother Ben gave him and the rest of the cast the weekend off from shooting his directorial debut, "Gone, Baby, Gone."


Looks for solo gig alongside other 'Idols'

'American Idol' rocker Chris Daughtry has turned down the band Fuel's offer to make him their lead singer, according to the Charlotte Observer, Daughtry's hometown paper. Despite a very public television courtship of Daughtry on Extra shortly after the father of two was voted off the show, the singer has decided that he's "going to be doing [his] own thing," after this summer's 'American Idol' tour.

Daughtry will be following in the footsteps of his fellow 'Idols' Taylor Hicks, Katharine McPhee, Elliott Yamin and Ace Young, as TMZ reported yesterday. The apple-cheeked runner-up, feel-good crooner and the long-haired pretty boy are all in the process of lining up deals with RCA Music Group, as is Daughtry.