Stars Are Pretty In Pearls

6/7/2006 6:53 PM PDT

Stars Are Pretty In Pearls

Joann Smyth's charming little store on Melrose Place in Los Angeles caters to some of Hollywood's biggest stars.

Her pearls and fine jewelry can be seen on the big screen and adorning the necks of such stars as Jennifer Aniston, Nicole Kidman and Drew Barrymore. Kim Basinger wore one of Joann's delicate freshwater pearl, gold, and diamond necklaces in the recently released movie 'The Sentinel.' Joann's customers were so fond of Kim's look in the film, they have even brought their pearls in to be restyled in that fashion.

You can check out the necklaces and pick one up for yourself.

Jennifer Aniston's faceted peridot necklace in green $1,300.00

Nicole Kidman's 18k yellow gold lariat necklace with green stones including emeralds, jade and tourmaline $1,500.00

Drew Barrymore's rutilated quartz gold bead necklace $900.00

Kim Basinger wore a wire wrapped 18k yellow gold, cultured pearl and diamond necklace for her role in 'The Sentinel' $2,450.00

Too pricey? Joann also carries a fun line of soaps that contain freshwater pearls. After using up all the soap, you can bring the leftover pearls in to the store and have them crafted into a piece of jewelry. The soaps are only $25.00 and are one of her most popular items in the store.

For more pearls of wisdom - check out Joann Smyth's boutique.