Brangelina Brood to Return to Malibu This Weekend

6/8/2006 2:30 PM PDT

Brangelina Brood to Return to Malibu This Weekend

TMZ has learned that Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and their three children will be moving back to Malibu, and the word is they're coming this weekend.

The $9 million Malibu estate has been buzzing with workers this week. They're finishing off the security system, which includes an elaborate set of cameras pointing in every direction.

Most telling, TMZ is told that yesterday a white van arrived at the house and delivered a "massive amount of liquor." As one eyewitness says, it was: "magnums of everything."

The word from the crew is that the famous couple and their kids are arriving this weekend. A cleaning crew has been working feverishly this week and construction workers have been there seven days a week.

As one eyewitness tells TMZ, the entire house is set up for kids. Before the couple left for Namibia, the tennis court was tented and converted into a giant playroom -- especially for Maddox's 4-wheel toys. The party tent was taken down after they left, but this week it was put back up.

As for accommodations in the four bedroom house, Brad and Angelina have the master suite, and each uses a bedroom for an office. That leaves one bedroom left for Maddox, Zahara and baby Shiloh. We're told there is baby furniture in that fourth room, but the word is that Shiloh will sleep in the master suite with Brad and Angelina.

The joke at the house is that all of Brads expensive art is now up, along with his other pricey furnishings and everyone there "is wondering what he's going to do when the kids start destroying it."

We're told there will be a heavy presence of guards 24/7, but there's still a problem. It's a glass house -- literally -- and the paparazzi have a clean view from the ocean, where they often kayak. A solution to this issue has not been figured out yet.

East Hollywood Hills Estate

A few days ago, a construction worker at Pitt's estate in the East Hollywood Hills became ill, and the paparazzi showed up with the ambulance. One member of the construction crew told TMZ it was obvious the paparazzi were monitoring emergency frequencies and launched when they heard the address.

We're told the Jolie-Pitts plan to eventually make the East Hollywood estate their primary residence, but it's nowhere near complete. The kitchen, for one, is still being designed.