One Item Wonders

6/9/2006 5:32 PM PDT

One Item Wonders

A-List celebs are usually shopaholics - buying everything in sight. It takes certain control to walk out of a store with only one item in your shopping bag when you have such deep pockets.

Christina Aguilera, Nicole Richie and Kristen Bell have exercised this control recently by only getting that ONE must-have item during their shopping excursions.

Christina Aguilera's stylist held back by only picking up this cute shirt with red-lip button accents at Horn on Robertson Blvd in Los Angeles. Her stylist was shopping for Christina's new music video, so keep your eyes peeled for this fashionable Alessandro Dell'Acqua top in her upcoming video.

Alessandro Dell'Aqua top

Nicole Richie was recently spotted shopping and only picked up one item at the boutique Harmony. Richie went right for the item that caught her eye and didn't bother to use the dressing room - she stood in the store, tried the blouse on over her t-shirt and bought it!

Plenty by Tracy Reese, blue and white embroidered ruffle top

'Veronica Mars' star Kristen Bell saw her must-have item in Lucky Magazine. She pulled a fashion publicist aside at a party and told her, "I have to get my hands on this!" Once she found out who the designer was, she immediately ordered herself one.