Exclusive: Inside Brangelina's Malibu Pad

6/14/2006 12:01 PM PDT

Exclusive: Inside Brangelina's Malibu Pad

From Harvey Levin's H-Wood blog

I'm told that Brad and Angelina are partially dealing with their privacy concerns at their Malibu estate with one huge drape.

They have installed a massive drape on the outside of the house that wraps around all four bedrooms. They did not, however, have drapes installed in the living room and other common areas, leaving those portions of the house exposed to paparazzi.

My sources say the property has been heavily re-landscaped with new bushy plants so no one can see in from adjoining homes and hillsides.

The nagging problem is the Pacific Ocean. Paparazzi still have a clear shot if they brave the water in kayaks and small boats.

Finally, Brad is uncharacteristically happy with the work done on the home. Typically, when he's away during construction, he will make significant changes upon his return. No so this time. It seems the priority is the baby.