Note To Beyoncé's Dad -- Back Off

6/19/2006 10:39 AM PDT

Note To Beyoncé's Dad -- Back Off

From Harvey Levin's H-Wood blog

The undercover video we posted last Friday -- showing how PETA ambushed Beyoncé at Nobu restaurant in New York City -- has triggered a pretty big debate.

Did PETA go too far by winning a charity auction to dine with Beyoncé, then setting her up with an undercover camera?  Did TMZ go too far by posting the video? 

I'm not trying to put myself out as a moral compass, but there are some undeniable truths here.  First, the process of creating fur is an ugly, brutal and arguably torturous business.  As for whether it's an acceptable practice, well that's the subject of legitimate, intense debate.

I'm more than a little surprised that people are shocked that PETA went after Beyoncé.  Remember, Beyoncé does more than wear fur -- she has a line of clothing that includes fur.  It's one thing if PETA broke into Beyoncé's house, but for cryin' out loud, confronting her at Nobu... You put yourself out on an issue of intense emotion, what on earth do you expect?

Beyoncé's dad/manager went ballistic on TMZ, but we will not take this video down.  First of all, we didn't shoot it.  Second, it's a legit story.  We do not sanitize news or present only what is acceptable to celebs and their relatives.  We won't be strong-armed by bullies and threats.