Tom Solo in Tokyo

6/20/2006 1:38 PM PDT

Tom Solo in Tokyo

Cruise is on the road again for a promotional tour of 'M:I:3," this time hitting up Japan for its premiere of the film.

His fiancee, Katie Holmes, was nowhere in sight but that, of course, didn't stop reporters from asking about her and baby Suri.
"Unfortunately, I wanted to bring them but Suri, it'd be too much for her, we're only going to be here for a day and a half," Cruise said about their absence. Of the major celebrity babies, Suri is the only one yet to be seen, so even in Japan the media attention is definitely high.

Cruise gushed about his three children at the press conference for the film and at one point said he hopes to have ten children someday...of course, they'll all probably be conveniently timed with the opening of his next ten films.

When asked when TomKat will finally become official and marry Tom responded, "We haven't set a date yet, soon, it'll be this year."

After the Japan Premiere on Tuesday evening, Cruise is expected to ride the bullet train to Osaka with 150 fans on Wednesday.