Cindy Removes Mole; Not THE Mole

6/29/2006 6:43 PM PDT

Cindy Removes Mole; Not THE Mole

Cindy Crawford's signature mole let out a sigh of relief when it realized that it was not one of the three moles being removed from the uber-hot supermodel.

Cindy, a former sun worshiper, is now on a mission of skin cancer awareness. Cindy reminds us all to get checked regularly and that the smaller skin blemishes are the most at-risk.

Cindy said "The mole on my face isn't the type that's dangerous, but I have others and I get myself checked every year. I had three removed - two on my back and one on my belly that looked like a collection of almost flat, tiny spots."

That's good news for Cindy's signature look... and even better news for her hordes of fans.