No Hilton Discount for Paris

6/29/2006 6:20 PM PDT

No Hilton Discount for Paris

There are some things you expect when you're Paris Hilton. The paparazzi will follow you everywhere you go, your friends will date your ex-boyfriends, and you get discounts at hotels with your name on them... unless of course you happen to be in Scotland.

Paris was a guest on Glasgow's Real Radio Program recently when the hosts had her call the Glasgow Hilton and ask for a discount on a room. Seems pretty cut and dry right? Considering she is the Paris Hilton it should be no problem-o. That is until she comes up against Kevin, the by-the-book reservations agent.

Even after the hosts let Kevin in on the joke, he still insists there is nothing he can do in a business-like manner. When told he should lighten up by Paris and the radio crew, Kevin responds "Great, thank you."

Maybe Paris will have better luck with the Radisson.

Listen to Paris try for the family discount.