Bad Hollywood Hair

7/3/2006 12:00 PM PDT

Bad Hollywood Hair

Summer blockbuster season is upon us with fans lining up to seem some of the most anticipated films of the year. Whether or not the films are good is for you to decide, but one thing that's not so good is some of these characters' hair. Check out what stars are having a really bad Hollywood hair day.

The Da Vinci Code
- There has been a lot of controversy surrounding the film's religious themes but the movie's biggest problem is, without a doubt, Tom Hanks' blown-out tresses. Hanks, like Aiken and Seacrest before him, is yet another casualty in the ever popular (and futile) post-millennial battle of man vs. flat-iron.

X-Men: The Last Stand - This film is a hair emergency one-stop shop.

Wolverine - While in real-life Hugh Jackman may be the hottest thing next to pics of Shiloh Nouvel, his hair in X-Men leaves something to be desired. Looking like a cross between Wolfman Jack and Adrian Zmed, Wolverine's real power comes not from his strength or retractable claws but his gut-busting hirsute headgear.

Storm - Although Halle Berry's weave has improved from the Lil' Kim-esque wig she sported in the earlier films, her "Last Stand" white shag still rivals "Catwoman" as the worst thing she's ever been in!

Jean Grey - In "X-Men" Jean Grey's alter-ego is Phoenix, but from the looks of her red wine colored extensions, Famke Janssen has more in common with a post-op transsexual contestant on "The Swan."

Rogue - Anna Paquin's skunk stripe hairdon't is the one thing we would let Rogue touch!

Superman Returns - As a blonde, Kate Bosworth is one of Hollywood's gorgeous golden girls. As the brunette Lois Lane, she channels her inner Margot Kidder and winds up as appealing as kryptonite.

The Devil Wears Prada - As fierce fashion magazine editor Miranda Priestly, Meryl Streep is quite en vogue. But her white-haired coif leaves her looking more like a high-powered Bea Arthur impersonator. We love Meryl, the hair - not so much.

Nacho Libre - Quite possibly the only thing funnier than Jack Black himself is his permed out mop in "Nacho Libre." In the film Black plays a Mexican wrestler, but it's his Shirley Temple curls that have us running for the border.