Be Very Quiet ... Jesse Metcalfe is on the Phone

7/6/2006 2:17 PM PDT

Be Very Quiet ... Jesse Metcalfe is on the Phone

It's Wednesday night about 7pm, Jesse Metcalfe and a very slim blonde young lady entered the restaurant for dinner in Los Angeles. He ordered red wine, she ordered white. So our story begins...

They were seated at an intimate table for two against the back wall of the restaurant, away from other customers. Without asking the wait staff, Jesse picked up and moved to a table for four at the front of the restaurant next to a big window. When the waiter came over to his table and commented that the table was for four people, not two, Jesse complained that it was too loud in the other spot and added "If you get a rush of people in, we'll move."

It seems as though Jesse was in the mood for a quiet dinner for two right? Wrong. TV's one-time hottest gardener picked up his Treo-like cell phone and started chatting away, VERY loudly. Once he hung up, he proceeded to relay his entire phone conversation to his date, loud enough for all in the restaurant to hear.

So much for Metcalfe's "quiet" evening.