"House Hunters" Gets Star (Jones) Treatment

7/12/2006 3:14 PM PDT

"House Hunters" Gets Star (Jones) Treatment

Star Jones didn't waste any time in her post-"View" career covering tales of the absurd and grotesque -- namely, trying to buy real estate in New York City.

Jones' first (and heretofore only) TV gig since she says she was very publicly fired from her ABC seat is as a fill-in host on Home and Garden Television's "House Hunters." The show typically follows the travails of a relatively modestly-budgeted real estate customer trying to decide between three alternatives, most of which tend to be nicer than anything your local estate agent has listed.

For this week's episodes, Star introduces the show's segments while strolling down a brownstone- and tree-lined street in Manhattan, spouting the usual cliches about New York (It never sleeps! Lots of people live here! Real estate is real expensive!) of which people from outlying states just can't seem to get enough. But we never actually get to see her interact with the little people.

Wearing a snug flowered dress and gamely smiling through her script, Star tells us that getting an apartment anywhere in New York City for $230,000, as the couple on Tuesday night's show do, is a bargain. And when she tells us that New York real estate is either "expensive," or "unbelievably expensive," she knows of what she speaks: Star put her and husband Al Reynolds' Upper East Side penthouse apartment on the market at the end of May for a not-very-bargain $2.25 million.