Kylie's Back in Action

7/17/2006 5:13 PM PDT

Kylie's Back in Action

In a sit-down with British TV host Cat Deely, Kylie Minogue was mostly upbeat as she opened up about her battle with breast cancer.

The Australian pop star was diagnosed with cancer in May of 2005, just after she completed the European leg of her "Showgirl" tour. "Once you know what you're dealing with, and that was a very difficult time waiting for results, then you can go right ok, this is the arena, let's get on with it," she said on the Sky One special, adding "It's hard, the days you didn't see me are the days I couldn't get up."

Minogue went to Paris, where boyfriend Olivier Martinez lives, for her treatment and the star is now in remission. Although she believes the treatment was "no picnic," Minogue has definitely obtained a totally new outlook on life. "I've learned a lot, I was pretty compassionate before but now I have a deeper understanding of what it is to have a trial to go through and it does bring out something wonderful in a lot of people ... I feel that I was saved."

Holding back tears, she also took the time to thank her fans for their support during her battle, "I had letters, gorgeous letters from children saying we don't want doctors to put needles in you, we love your songs and want you back on stage ... it mattered, it really did, a big thank you to all those people."

The singer also said she was excited to get back on tour, "I'm more eager to do what I did before ... I've realized that's what I do ... more than ever to be on stage, it's going to be such an emotional experience." Kylie's sold-out "Showgirl Homecoming Tour" tour is set resume November 11th in Australia.