Gayle: Gay Rumors Are "Silly"

7/19/2006 12:56 PM PDT

Gayle: Gay Rumors Are "Silly"

Oprah's longtime best friend Gayle King appeared on "The View" this morning, and further squashed speculation that she and the talk-show empress might be lovers.

King called the rumors swirling about her and her best friend "silly," and that the chatter is perhaps most hurtful to Oprah's man Stedman Graham, who has been conspicuously absent from Oprah's side at recent events.

She did tell Barbara, Joy, and Elisabeth about Oprah's very kind gifts, like paying for a nanny and a double-wide stroller when her son was born, and trips to Europe. She also revealed that she and Oprah share footwear, that Oprah can't stand listening to the radio (which she found out on a recent cross-country car trip), and that she was once mistaken for Destiny Child's Kelly Rowland, who happened to be the guest co-host.

Gayle says she'd tried to do her part to get her much richer BFF Oprah back -- on a trip to Dairy Queen, says King, she magnanimously told O to put her wallet away. "I'll handle this," said King.