Jessica Debuts Vanessa-Bashing Video

7/19/2006 6:00 PM PDT

Jessica Debuts Vanessa-Bashing Video

Jessica Simpson appeared on MTV's "Total Request Live" this afternoon to premiere her new video, "A Public Affair," and, while she avoided a confrontation with her ex-husband's squeeze and TRL co-host Vanessa Minnillo, there was an unmistakable reference to the Lachey-Minnillo situation in the video.

Minnillo wasn't hosting today, so Simpson took a spin reading the teleprompter, though not very successfully, which the pop starlet put down to nerves in advance of the big unveiling of the video, directed by Brett Ratner. The narrative concept involves Simpson going out with three galpals -- played by real-life buddies Christina Applegate and Eva Longoria, and Christina Milian (whom she actually met at the shoot) -- and strutting into the world's most celeb-studded roller skating rink ever.

While she's lacing up her boots, Jessica spots a hunky dark-haired stranger cavorting with a brunette bimbette, who has an aggressive fantasy about going all Naomi Campbell on Jessica out of jealousy. The violent nemesis just happens to be played by a shapely, smoldering brunette TV entertainment reporter named ... Maria Menounos.

Ryan Seacrest gives good weasel as the girls' limo driver, while Andy Dick provides the performance of the video with a pricelessly creepy cameo as a skate-licking counter attendant. Simpson's album drops August 29.