Vanessa's Flip-Flop Fixation

8/8/2006 6:45 PM PDT

Vanessa's Flip-Flop Fixation

Vanessa Minnillo may have snagged Nick Lachey, but the MTV hostess certainly hasn't hit her new man up for shoe money. A TMZ photo analysis has concluded that Miss Minnillo has developed a deep and abiding devotion to a pair of rather ratty-looking leather Rainbow sandals, wearing them constantly to pound the pavement in Manhattan, regardless of whether she's wearing a chic little tailored-shorts outfit or a fetching flower-print frock.

While we all understand a woman's need for comfy footwear, Vanessa is no ordinary woman: She's a former Miss Teen USA and a co-host on "Total Request Live," for goodness' sakes! (She does love her flip-flops: A pair of black Havaianas sandals have also been a semi-permanent foot fixture for Vanessa lately.)

Vanessa's not the only one with a certain genre-specific shoe fixation, however.

Britney Spears, meanwhile, has been afflicted with a similar, but even deeper, addiction to the wedge sandal. As Gossip Gangster Perez Hilton has pointed out, the pop queen has been spotted wearing the wedges everywhere from prime time television (with Matt Lauer, in front of millions of Americans) to a Los Angeles toy store last weekend. We must, however, make allowances for the very pregnant Britney. Vanessa, however, has no such excuse.