Christina Gets Back To Basics

8/16/2006 6:31 PM PDT

Christina Gets Back To Basics

TMZ cameras were working overtime on Tuesday night as they hit the streets of NY to bring you this version of Star Catcher.

First stop of the evening was celeb favorite Marquee, where Christina Aguilera was on hand to celebrate the release of her new album "Back to Basics." The blonde bombshell tantalized fans in her sleek, white dress before setting the paparazzi into a flashbulb frenzy. Also showing up to support the Grammy winner was Babyface and former "Idol" Mario Vazquez.

From there we checked up on an old friend of TMZ, Natalie Reid AKA "Fake Paris". The famous impersonator hit the town with a group of friends to celebrate her six-page spread in the current issue of Playboy. You might also recognize Natalie from a recent episode of "The Simple Life," where she came face to face with the real socialite.

Check out all the action in this NY version of Star Catcher.