Vera Wang Goes Slumming

8/24/2006 4:30 PM PDT

Vera Wang Goes Slumming

Vera Wang became famous for designing exquisite wedding dresses for everyone from Jennifer Lopez to Mariah Carey to Jessica Simpson. But soon even your Aunt Myrtle in Akron will be able to sport a Wang design of her very own.

Vera, who was crowned women's wear designer of the year in 2005, has teamed up with "value-oriented specialty department store" Kohl's to start a new brand called Very Vera Vera Wang.

The line won't include couture gowns (now what will Auntie Myrtle wear to the VFW?), but it will feature sportswear, intimate apparel, accessories, footwear, and linens and towels.

And while Wang's high-end fashions can cost up to $12,000, the Very Vera line will feature a more pedestrian-friendly price tag aimed at appealing to the ever popular middle-income woman.

Times must be tough in the fashion biz though, because Wang is just the latest high-end designer to peddle their more modest wares to the masses.

alone currently features (or has featured) the designs of world renowned designers Isaac Mizrahi, Mossimo, Todd Oldham, Cynthia Rowley, Steven Sprouse and Luella Bartley. Attention shoppers: walkoff in Aisle 3!

Very Vera Vera Wang will be available at Kohl's stores and online starting Fall 2007.