Lohan's Bikini Workout

8/28/2006 3:07 PM PDT

Lohan's Bikini Workout

The days of Lindsay Lohan looking, shall we say, undernourished, are over. Lindsay was spotted in Malibu on Sunday relaxing with her boyfriend, Harry Morton, looking as hot as ever.

The redheaded starlet started off wearing some kind of sundress over her bikini. But when the dress just wouldn't stay in place, she got rid of it. After laying around for a bit, she then decided to do a few push-ups (not the girly ones, either) and a little light stretching.

Lindsay then apparently grew a little tired of the photogs and tried to put up a sheet to block their line of view -- a tactic that seems to be all the rage these days -- but cameras still picked up a shared moment between her and Harry.

We know Lindsay has been getting her fair share of bad press lately, but damn girl! Whatever you're doing, keep doing it.