Natasha Lyonne Puts the Flash in Flashback

8/29/2006 1:38 PM PDT

Natasha Lyonne Puts the Flash in Flashback

Actress Natasha Lyonne was snapped at the Sunset Plaza in LA on Monday sporting a mini skirt so short ... it nearly exposed her, umm, "American Pie."

Lyonne channeled her inner Madonna with this 80s inspired outfit sporting tights, wrist bands and even a gold chain.

But stranger things then this outfit have happened to Natasha. In 2004, she was arrested after verbally threatening a neighbor, breaking the neighbor's mirror, and threatening to sexually molest the neighbor's dog -- yes, you read correctly. Natasha Lyonne threatened to sexually molest a dog.

In fact, Manhattan District Attorney spokesman Edison Alban has informed TMZ there is still an active bench warrant out for Lyonne's arrest.