Irwin's Dad Says He Lost His "Best Mate"

9/6/2006 9:06 AM PDT

Irwin's Dad Says He Lost His "Best Mate"

The fond remembrances of "Crocodile Hunter" Steve Irwin continued to flow in after his tragic accidental death over the weekend, but perhaps the most touching of all came today from his father, Bob, in Queensland. "Steve and I weren't like father and son, we never were," said Bob Irwin, outside Australia Zoo, the animal park that Steve made famous and that Bob had owned himself and handed over to his son. "We were good mates. I'll remember Steve as my best mate ever."

Bob Irwin also said that Australian authorities have offered to give his son a state funeral but that his family was unlikely to accept. "The state funeral would be refused ... because he's an ordinary guy, he's just an ordinary bloke." Prime Minister John Howard interrupted Parliament on Tuesday to pay tribute to Irwin.

Wearing a khaki shirt and shorts in the same way that Steve did, Bob Irwin also told reporters that he and his son were natural risk-takers. "Both of us over the years have had some very close shaves. We made jokes of it. That's not to say that we were careless but we treated it like it was just part of the job."

Britney Makes It Easy For K-Fed

We know how it is -- three kids (and one on the way), two wives, fledgling rapping and acting career. How's a hip-hop mogul-on-the-make like Kevin Federline supposed to keep track of all his kids, much less remember all their birthdays?

Well, according to one published report, Britney Spears is going to have her second baby by C-section on Sept. 14 – the same day as she had Sean Preston, her first child, one year ago. That way, K-Fed won't have to go through all the hassle of remembering multiple birthdays.

What's more, says Star magazine, as cited by the New York Daily News, the baby will be given the name Jailynn, which is a mash-up of the names of Britney's dad (Jamie), mom (Lynn), and little sister (Jamie Lynn). As easy-to-remember as the baby's birthday will be, that name just seems fraught with potential for very embarrassing confusion.

Britney Transforms Through the Years. Click to see photos

Lindsay Nervous About Harry

Lindsay Lohan may have found the love of her life – and she guards him very jealously, according to reports this morning. "She flips out if any other girl is around him," says a source to Page Six. Another tells the Post, "When she is not with Harry she constantly texts, e-mails and calls him. She has to know what he's doing every second of every day." Indeed, says the latter snitch, La Lohan rang Morton repeatedly as she approached L.A.'s Ivy restaurant, even when she was inside of five minutes of arrival.

Meanwhile, casino mogul Peter Morton, Harry's billionaire dad, isn't thrilled at all the publicity his son's relationship is generating. After reading a story about Harry and Lindsay hitting an L.A. tattoo parlor in the wee hours, Morton told Harry to "low-key" his behavior. A rep for Lohan says that Peter Morton and Harry's sister visited Lindsay on the set of "Georgia Rule" two weeks ago.

Lindsay Shows Off Her Sexy Side. Check Out the Pics

Beyoncé Album Hurting "Dreamgirls" Prospects?

Paramount Pictures is concerned that the lavish spectacle of their upcoming "Dreamgirls" could be derailed by Beyonce Knowles' relentlessly hyped new album, "B'Day." According to a "knowledgeable" source cited by Lloyd Grove, the studio is worred that Beyonce's supersaturation of the marketplace will overshadow their planned marketing push for "Dreamgirls," which will be released in December and stars Knowles, Jamie Foxx, and a huge raft of other stars.

The real concern, claims Grove's source, is that the critically drubbed "B'Day" will soften expectations for the "Dreamgirls" soundtrack. But Paramount denied the suggestion, saying that "nothing" relating to "B'Day" has changed its promotional push. Still, the insider says that Beyonce put out the album this year, rather than next, because she didn't want it to lose its luster after "Dreamgirls," in which the truly plum female role of Effie White is played by former "American Idol" contestant Jennifer Hudson.

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Party Favors: Urban Lyrics Signal A Pair For Kidman and Heather Mills Gets Free Lodging In Hamptons

Despite the fact that Nicole Kidman is not pregnant, despite the efforts of Photoshoppers and tabloids to prove otherwise, Keith Urban fans are reading his lyrics and divining that he would like for the couple to have two kids, according to Star, via MSNBC. "Well, the first one's born then a brother comes along/And he's got your smile," croons Urban on "Once in a Lifetime" ... Heather Mills is getting by with a little help from her friends, as a week-long rental she's taking out in the Hamptons,which would normally cost $80,000, is being provided to her for free by producer-director Dennis Erdman, says Page Six.

Wedding Bells Ring for Keith and Nicole

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