Stars (Jokingly) Question Suri's Paternity

9/7/2006 5:09 AM PDT

Stars (Jokingly) Question Suri's Paternity

With the photos of Suri Cruise hitting newsstands yesterday in the new issue of Vanity Fair, speculation over the baby's paternity continues to swirl.

TMZ has already stated the baby appears to have Asian features -- something comedian Carlos Mencia mirrored last night. "Tom is not the father. Jet Li had the baby with Katie. Katie and Jet Li had a baby. Or maybe it's really the alien baby, I don't know ... I'm just saying, if my baby came out like that my father would be like, 'Hey you better get a test.'"

Actor/comedian George Lopez also jokingly chimed in on the Suri mystery, also unsure who the baby-daddy is. "Not their child. I'll wait for the test to come in but it's a beautiful baby. Not theirs. I'm a Latino so we always struggle with which kids are ours."

Not everyone is as skeptical though, "It looks like both of its parents. Hello?? They are both gorgeous so the baby is incredibly beautiful," said "Desperate Housewives" actress Andrea Bowen.