The Bitch is Back

9/8/2006 7:06 PM PDT

The Bitch is Back

Flavor Flav's most notorious bad girl is back and stirring the pot once again. Season one runner-up "New York" will be visiting Flav's "phat crib" once again to "get rid of the bitches who don't deserve to be here."

New York will help Flavor Flav weed through the women vying for his attention and affection on VH1's "Flavor of Love" and she's taking no prisoners.

Spewing out venomous comments like "You look like a fairy princess ... that resides over the pits of hell" and "You guys are pathetic," New York won't be winning any Miss Congeniality awards anytime soon. Of course, this is the woman who beat the hell out of another contestant after getting spat on in the face, so what do you expect?

New York will also be presiding over the elimination for the new episode of "Flavor of Love," which airs Sunday night at 10PM on VH1.