"View" Too Rosie-Colored For Elisabeth?

9/19/2006 9:11 AM PDT

"View" Too Rosie-Colored For Elisabeth?

As TMZ told you recently, Rosie's having a tough time blending in at "The View" – and today, reports suggest that Elisabeth Hasselbeck can't quite hack her outspoken co-host either, and it's making her cry "every day."

According to an inside source cited by Rush & Molloy, Hasselbeck "gets so upset all the time" and "can't contain her feelings," thus leading to the daily river of tears, especially because "no one can control Rosie." It seems that Ro's staunch (and strongly expressed) lefty political views are just too much for the right-winged Elisabeth; indeed, "View" watchers have been waiting anxiously for the pair to really push each others' buttons on such topics as gay marriage and the war in Iraq.

Tension between the two has certainly simmered on-camera, but Rosie's rep maintains, as she did to TMZ, that everything is cool, and says that Elisabeth "was at Rosie's house this weekend. They might not agree on politics but that's what makes the show great." Oh, and there this: "The View's" ratings are up 59% from the pre-Rosie era.

Anna Nicole's Reps Get $600K For Daniel's Last Snaps

Representatives for Anna Nicole Smith have wrangled more than $600,000 from the glossies and TV outlets for pictures taken of Daniel Smith and his mother and baby half-sister just before his death hours later.

Lloyd Grove reports that In Touch magazine paid as much as $400,000 for the print exclusive, beating out People's bid of $350,000. "Our story will be a tribute to Daniel's life as well as a celebration of it," said an In Touch rep. "Entertainment Tonight" and "The Insider" paid an estimated $250,000 for the TV rights to the photos, which were brokered by Getty Images.

Meanwhile, the mystery deepened in the investigation into 20-year-old Daniel's death, as the independent pathologist hired by the Smith family to examine Daniel said he hadn't determined the cause of death, whereas the coroner in the case told TMZ not a week before that she was certain she knew what killed him.

Lindsay Pulling A Madonna, Moving to Blighty?

First she tried to do the red-string Kabbalah thing, and now Lindsay Lohan might be going further in her Madonna-emulation by pulling up stakes and moving to England. According to London's Mail on Sunday, the freckled phenom has been spending time in the city, and has been looking at real estate in the tony and trendy Notting Hill neighborhood. "I just love Notting Hill – it has some really cool shops and great restaurants," she tells the Mail (via MSNBC). "I've been looking at some properties while I've been over here and we're hoping to buy something soon." Indeed, Madge herself had her first London pad in Notting Hill, then traded up for a bigger place in the West End.

Scarlett: I Could "Get Some Things Done" as Prez

Scarlett Johansson might be a fine award-winning actress and all that, but ultimately she'd really like to trade places with George W. Bush for a bit. "Whose life would I like to step into for the day?" she tells InStyle magazine, in its October issue. "The president's. I could probably get some things done in the Oval Office." The stunning 21-year-old star also tells the mag that despite her Oscar-caliber resume and talent, she's in a constant state of worry. "Do I ever get nervous about this, right now, being the pinnacle of my career? Yeah, I do. At the end of (filming) every movie I think, 'Wow – this is the last one! Nice working with you.'"

Party Favors: Stern Wants Back Onto Earth, Last Gwyn-Brad Vestige Sold Off, Aaron Carter Proposes To Playmate Onstage

The rumors that Howard Stern is planning an imminent comeback to terrestrial radio just won't die: A report in today's New York Post suggests that the shock-jock is hating life on the satellite side, with bookings drying up and buzz dying, and that he's looking to figure something out with his Sirius bosses ... Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow's Greenwich Village apartment, a cozy two-bedroom right off Washington Square Park, has been sold by the actress' mom Blythe Danner for $1.8 million, reports Braden Keil. The nabe was long a magnet for Gwyn and Brad dog-walking and coffee-fetching sightings ... Backstreet brother Aaron Carter proposed to his Playmate girlfriend Kari Ann Peniche on stage Sunday night in Las Vegas, says Us Weekly. Carter is 18 and the younger brother of Nick Carter; the pair will be married in the next six months.

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