Teddy Geiger is Sexy

9/29/2006 6:35 PM PDT

Teddy Geiger is Sexy

Looks like Teddy Geiger has something else in common with Justin Timberlake, besides legions of screaming fans. The eighteen-year-old songwriter is featured on the cover of Seventeen magazine's November "sexy" issue, the first guy to grace the cover since Justin Timberlake did in 2002.

Inside the mag, Teddy bears his soul in an exclusive tell-all interview, revealing his not so smooth history with the ladies.

"I was terrified of girls until sophomore year of high school. I couldn't even borrow pencils from them. I'd have to wait until the teacher called me out on it, like, 'Does anybody have a pencil for Teddy?' because I'd be too scared to ask the girl next to me."

He also touched on his bouts with stage fright, admitting, "There were times I'd get so nervous I couldn't make it through a song. I'd make a mistake or talk too fast."

Things went a little left of center when he fessed up about his favorite perfume for women -- "Paris Hilton perfume," but we forgive him. He is still young.