Nicky's Las Vegas Birthday Bash

10/9/2006 5:51 PM PDT

Nicky's Las Vegas Birthday Bash

Nicky celebrated her birthday the only way a Hilton can ... with a star-studded extravaganza at hot Vegas club PURE. With sister Paris in tow, Nicky partied her way into her 23rd year with style.

The girls were caught singing and dancing to one of Paris' songs off her latest CD. Clearly Nicky is just as qualified as Paris to launch a singing career.

While most of us are happy with a Target gift card, Nicky was given a watch rumored to be worth $250,000 by George Maloof, owner of the Palms Casino. He then gave Paris one, so now Paris has no excuse for missing "meetings" with Travis Barker.

Sporting matching watches that cost more then most people's homes, the Hilton sisters rounded out the festivities with Paris leading the assembled guests with a rousing version of "Happy Birthday."