Alec Baldwin's Condom Mania

10/11/2006 7:46 PM PDT

Alec Baldwin's Condom Mania

Alec Baldwin plays a man sworn to protect and serve in his new movie "The Departed," but in real life, the actor admits when it comes to sex he often serves without protection.

The actor engaged in some risqué conversation with radio shock jock Howard Stern Wednesday morning and made one fact about his love life very clear -- Alec likes to party with hats off. After Stern turned the corner from a seemingly boring conversation about Alec's vacation interests, the shock jock cold-cocked Baldwin by asking, "What about your use of condoms? Do you use condoms with your girlfriend?" A confident Baldwin played along and replied, "No, never. I don't go for them."

After Alec's confession, Stern went on to praise the rubber prophylactics before revealing a secret about himself. "I love 'em because I don't like real contact. I'm a germ-a-phobe."

The stunning confession came on the same day the never-ending Baldwin custody battle was back in court. The judge deferred ruling on Baldwin's claim that ex-wife Kim Bassinger should be held in contempt of court. Basinger was arraigned earlier this month on a dozen misdemeanor counts of contempt for allegedly disobeying court orders concerning Baldwin's visitation time with their 10-year-old daughter Ireland.