Get 'Arrested' On eBay

10/20/2006 1:47 PM PDT

Get "Arrested" on eBay

For three seasons, "Arrested Development" delighted a small but loyal audience with the tale of the Bluth family as it battled its way back from financial and legal ruin, creating, in TMZ's humble opinion, one of the greatest television comedies ever conceived. To help mitigate your withdrawal while watching your "Arrested" DVDs and getting ready for your own audition with the Blue Man Group, why not check out these sweet "AD" eBay auctions.
The first item up for bid is, for "Arrested"-heads, possibly the most coveted personal transportation device ever created, Gob's Segway. Complete with the embroidered GOB bag mounted to the handlebars, this is the ultimate "AD" piece of memorabilia. Imagine the kind of action you'll attract while cruising 'round town doing magic tricks on that two-wheeled wonder.

If cruising Segway-style isn't your cup of tea, how about the knit cap Charlize Theron wore memorably as Michael's mentally-challenged girlfriend. You'd be a Mr. F if you didn't snatch up the cute little hat Charlize used to woo the Bluth Company president.

Get those mice ready, "Arrested" fans. Your "Development"-ally-dominated life -- Segway, dunce cap, banana stand job -- awaits.