Tickle Me O'Connell

10/23/2006 2:35 PM PDT

Tickle Me O'Connell

Here's one playtoy we'd love to have -- Jerry O'Connell.

The "Crossing Jordan" star (though he'll always be Vern to us) showed off his furry Halloween costume over the weekend, dressing up as Elmo for the annual Camp Ronald McDonald Carnival.

"I just sweated out a glass of Hawaiian Punch I drank in fourth grade," a solo O'Connell told "EXTRA," "This is also my day job, I work up at the theme park here at Universal when times are a little hard on my boulevard."

Sadly, Rebecca Romijn didn't show up to be Big Bird to her fiancé's Elmo (or better yet donning Mystique's blue body paint) --she was away shooting an indie film.