K-Fed Throws a Bitch-Slap

10/24/2006 11:10 AM PDT

K-Fed Throws a Bitch-Slap

Last week he got his ass kicked. This week, K-Fed was on the hunt for revenge.

The "rapper" returned to WWE's "Monday Night Raw" last night to signs reading "K-Fed needs a Kick to the Head," F-U K-Fed," and our favorite, "Hit Him Baby One More Time."

After taking a ringside seat to watch Johnny Nitro fight John Cena -- the guy who whooped on K-fed last week -- Federline decided to sabotage his enemy attempting to distract Cena during the fight. It worked. After Nitro viciously tossed Cena outside the ring, K-Fed ran up to the dazed wrestler, reached back and pimp-slapped Cena right in the mouth. Damn son!!!!

Cena soon regained his senses, K-Fed instantly retreated and the wrestler went back in the ring to win the match. But as soon as Cena was crowned the victor, he looked to do some bitch-slapping of his own. A frightened K-Fed retreated all the way to entry tunnel, before he fell backwards to the ground like a scared little puppy. Just as Cena was about to smash Federleezy, K-Fed's posse arrived. King Booker and Big Show sprinted out of the tunnel and ambushed Cena, as K-Fed stood far behind, laughing, taunting and leading a "Cena Sucks" chant.

After the match, K-Fed told the official WWE website that he returned to the ring to defend his family's honor. "Britney was definitely watching, my whole family was watching. She can't have someone beating up her husband all over the place. I've got to stand up for my family and hold it down."

Way to hold it down K-Fed.