Just How Much Do You Love Will Ferrell?

10/30/2006 2:07 PM PST

Just How Much Do You Love Will Ferrell?

Just because you've memorized every line to "Anchorman" doesn't mean you're the ultimate Will Ferrell fan. To achieve true Ferrell-fanatic status, you need to own at least the following two items from eBay.

How about the actual jacket worn by our hero in the film "Kicking and Screaming," complete with a white stripe from the chalking machine? Imagine wearing that to your next Will Fer-A-Thon.

And you know you're a hard-core Ferrellite if you loved "Bewitched," not Will's finest hour. Now, you can own the test audience reactions from the film "Bewitched," and scoff at the skeptics. Read them aloud -- and compare your own notes as you watch the film.

Now, if you could only score Ricky Bobby's Ford Taurus from "Talladega Nights".