The Royal Highnesses Of 'The View'

10/31/2006 3:26 PM PST

The Royal Highnesses of 'The View'

For one day, at least, the ladies of "The View" dressed up like queens, rather than acting like them.

The denizens of TV's favorite coffeeklatsch, joined by former morning-show diva Kathie Lee Gifford, took royal aspiration to a completely different level on their Halloween show and dressed as famous female monarchs, complete Rosie as Queen Victoria, Joy as Queen Elizabeth II and especially convincing physical (and dramatic) impressions. Elisabeth played Marie Antoinette, and Kathie Lee was, well, Catherine the Great.

But when it came to dearly (or otherwise) departed souls, Joy said she had an idea of what happened to Star Jones, when Kathie Lee mischievously asked after her. "We don't know where Star is," quipped Joy. "She got so thin she disappeared."