Birkhead: Anna Nicole Stole My Baby

11/3/2006 2:56 PM PST

Birkhead: Anna Nicole Stole My Baby

Is Bahama mama Anna Nicole Smith a baby bandit? According to baby daddy-apparent Larry Birkhead, the answer is yes.

In a statement posted on, he blasts the Trimspa Ma, saying, "I constantly wonder what kind of person would steal a child from another. I thought at first maybe because your brother was taken from your mom was the reason, but then I realized she started planning on keeping you from me all the way back in May."

In the statement, addressed to the infant Dannielynn, Birkhead claims he tried to go to Disneyland to cheer himself up, but the trip backfired. "I couldn't help but thinking, after seeing all of the kids, what it would be like to take you there one day." Birkhead also promises to continue the paternity war with Anna Nicole until he is officially named the father. "I am ready to fight anyone and everyone that gets in my way. One day, you will thank me for fighting for you when others expected me to just walk away."

The emotional letter comes days after TMZ exposed a bombshell declaration from Laurie Payne, a woman who spent considerable time with Anna Nicole during her pregnancy, and claims that the former Playboy Playmate confessed to her in phone calls and instant messages that Larry Birkhead is in fact the father of her baby girl.

Meanwhile, Anna Nicole continues to recover from pneumonia and exhaustion. At her bedside at Doctor's Hospital in the Bahamas is the man she claims to be the father; her attorney Howard K. Stern. The saga continues!