K-Fed -- Daddy Needs a New Pair of Shoes

11/8/2006 7:30 PM PST

K-Fed -- Daddy Needs a New Pair of Shoes

TMZ has learned that the world's most famous slacker was already begging for shoes, just a day before Britney Spears pulled the plug on K-Fed's "Fifty Mil" free ride.

While perusing the aisles in a Canadian sporting goods store Monday night, Federbroke hit up a paparazzo for sneaker money: "Can you buy me some shoes?" he asked the perplexed pap.

The generous photog smiled, kicked over $120 for a pair of orange and black running shoes, and shot back, "I bet we owe you a couple more pairs." Federline replied, "I bet you do!"

We're guessing his Black Amex must have already been cancelled!