Power Shopping with Paris

11/9/2006 1:30 PM PST

Power Shopping with Paris

Ever wonder what Paris Hilton's favorite form of exercise is? The svelte heiress keeps her million-dollar body toned with power holiday shopping sessions at her favorite Melrose Ave. boutique, Sielian's Vintage Apparel.

Paris hit the trendy shop last week and quickly got into the zone by running around the store, selecting dress after dress, saying, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" A TMZ spy says Paris tried on every garment brought to her fitting room and carefully inspected each look. That's hot!

By the time her retail therapy session was over, Paris had purchased a heap of vintage dresses, hats, sweaters, bracelets with Swarvoski crystals and a slew of vintage Chanel and Gucci scarves and headbands ... totaling over $7000! A girl's gotta have it!

With only 45 shopping days until Christmas, Hilton headed to her next frenzied spree, but in haste forgot some of her purchases, and even left her pavé diamond ring on a counter!