Livin' Large at VH1's "Big in '06"

12/4/2006 3:30 PM PST

Livin' Large at VH1's "Big in '06"

A spectacular smorgasbord of stars -- from the sublime to the ridiculous and everywhere in between -- congregated backstage at the VH1 "Big in '06" Awards at Sony Studios , and TMZ was there exclusively to capture all the action.

Our man G-Hollywood unleashed his camera in the green room, and we were delighted to learn that rapper (and "Pimp My Ride" overlord) Xzibit likes us (and certain shots of Britney Spears too). Elsewhere, Eva Longoria and BFF Mario Lopez huddled in a corner, the Hoff puffed his chest, Danny Bonaduce introduced us to his lovely daughter, and Ant (of "Last Comic Standing" fame) offered to show us his full Britney.

We caught something that happens about once a season on "24" -- Kiefer Sutherland smiling -- as well as a teleported Masi Oka from "Heroes," the brilliant Ron Jeremy, baller John Salley, comic D.L. Hughley, Ice-T, a solo Lance Bass, the Hulkster, Weird Al Yankovic, and -- yes, boys, she's real -- YouTube starlet Lonelygirl15, aka Jessica Rose.

You can catch all the celeb-studded action tonight at 5 PM, Tuesday, December 5 at 8 PM, Wednesday, December 6 at 1 AM, Thursday, December 7 at 6 PM, Friday, December 8 at 11 AM, all, of course, on VH1.