LaBelle Pushes Cancel Button

12/18/2006 8:12 PM PST

LaBelle Pushes Cancel Button

Lady Marmalade didn't want to get in a jam.

Patti LaBelle pulled the plug on her sold-out "Gospel According to Patti" mega-church tour, citing inconsistencies, breach of contract and failed obligations of the promoter -- leaving disappointed fans in Philadelphia, Cleveland, St. Louis and elsewhere.

"I really had hoped to continue to reach the gospel audience ... but I have an obligation to my staff to make sure they can keep their plans without last minute changes and to make sure they are paid for the work they do," said the OneTouch spokeswoman and long-nailed warbler. Good lookin' out, Patti.

Patti is hoping that they can find another promoter to handle the tour. Her CD, The Gospel According to Patti LaBelle, is #1 on the Billboard Gospel chart.

TMZ contacted the promoter, Impact Strategies of Washington, D.C. Our calls have not yet been returned.