Sex, Hookers & Janice Dickinson

12/22/2006 9:57 AM PST

Sex, Hookers & Janice Dickinson

It was an X-rated night in Hollywood, as certain love-hungry stars couldn't stop talking about sex.

TMZ cameras posted outside of Area nightclub, where the forthcoming Chyna Doll complained that she hasn't been getting any. Poor thing.

A groggy-looking Andy Milanokis showed us some Christmas love, while offering to buy hookers for the paparazzi. When we asked what she was getting for Xmas, Janice Dickinson didn't seem to understand -- and answered, "Twenty-nine." Okay.

Chatty 'n tatty Travis Barker talked up all the presents he was getting for his kids, and was followed into the club by his tatted-up posse.

See it all, and more, in this chilly edition of today's Star Catcher.