Do the White Thing!

1/3/2007 9:02 PM PST

Do the White Thing!

When Michael Richards screamed the N-word at the Laugh Factory back in November, he went on "The Late Show with David Letterman" to apologize. When aspiring rapper Persia used it to insult fellow rapper John Brown, she was forced to wear a necklace that says "N*WORD" on it for an entire day.

Welcome to VH1's "ego Trip's The (White) Rapper Show."

Premiering next Monday, the show seeks to add a new pasty face to the Caucasian hip-hop scene by putting 10 aspiring white rappers into a house (Tha White House, actually) as they battle it out for a $100,000 prize.

The show has its comedic elements; a woman rapping about her C-section scar stands out as one of them. The show also tries to tackle issues of race in the culture as well. Yeah, you have to see it.

"I think for entertainment's sake, it was a given that it was going to be tongue in cheek, poking fun at white people," John Brown told TMZ. "But at the same time, I think there were a lot of challenges and a lot of experiences that were dead serious."

Check out "ego Trip's The (White) Rapper Show" when it premieres January 8 at 10:30PM on VH1.