Cameron Doesn't Do Security Lines

1/17/2007 3:49 PM PST

Cameron Doesn't Do Security Lines

Cameron Diaz is used to getting the royal treatment, and yesterday at LAX was no exception.

Although "The Holiday" star carried her own bags and used the ticket kiosk to check in, Diaz was soon met by an airport employee who helped her get through the necessary security hassle as quickly as possible. Must be nice!

Cameron is allowed to cut to the head of the security line, bypassing all other patiently waiting passengers. Movie star coming through! Luckily, A-listers can't sidestep all the rules, as Diaz still had to remove her shoes to pass through the metal detectors. While she's not a suspected terrorist, Cami's Golden Globes ruffled fiasco did terrorize all who laid eyes on it!

With her ex Justin Timberlake performing in L.A. that same night, it looks like Diaz tried to get out of Dodge as soon as possible.