Nicole Kidman Crash -- Caught on Tape!

1/25/2007 4:39 PM PST

Nicole Kidman Crash -- Caught on Tape!

TMZ has obtained shocking video of Nicole Kidman's terrifying car crash this morning on the Los Angeles set of her new movie "Invasion."

Tires screeched and sparks flew as a stunt truck, towing a car carrying Nicole, skidded out of control on a slick street, slammed into a lightpost and sent broken glass showering onto the wreckage. Several actors and stunt men were injured, including a few who were hanging from the car during the filming. Kidman looks somewhat dazed as she leaves the accident scene.

A non-paramedic fire crew rushed to the scene to treat the injured. Kidman was reportedly taken to her trailer for a short time before finally deciding to get checked at a hospital. All eight of those injured were treated at local hospitals and released.

The stuntment hanging on the car were portraying zombie-like characters attacking the vehicle. "Invasion" is loosely based on the classic horror film, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers."