Is Isaiah forcing T.R. to Leave "Grey's"?

1/29/2007 11:00 AM PST

Is Isaiah forcing T.R. to Leave "Grey's"?

Isaiah Washington's gay-bashing forced T.R. Knight to come out of the closet, and now it might make Knight leave "Grey's Anatomy" altogether.

An inside source tells MSNBC that the openly-gay Knight is so "upset" and "disgusted" by the handling of the F-bomb situation that he's going to quit the show. Originally, says the source, T.R. was told to keep his response to the incident on the DL, but when Washington stirred up the storm anew while backstage at the Golden Globes, Knight had no choice but to fire back. A show rep says Knight's not going anywhere and that the rumors are "irrefutably untrue."

Meanwhile, another former castmate of Washington's, Madeline McCray, tells Rush & Molloy that Isaiah's not a bigot – but he is a hothead. During their work on an August Wilson play, Washington got so upset at a castmate that he punched out another actor – a straight, black one, at that. TMZ reported last year about Washington's previous on-set dust-ups with producer Tracey Edmonds while making "High Incident."

Posh Too Cheap for "Nonsense" Scientology

She might be spending money like her very life depended on it, but there's one thing that's too expensive even for Victoria Beckham: Scientology. Despite rumors that her friendship with the Tom Cruise Experience was leading Posh and her husband to the controversial religion, Mrs. Beckham, reports Ben Widdicombe, recently told a friend, "There's no way I'd spend any money on that nonsense." Another friend says that it's "completely laughable" that Posh is even being rumored to be joining the clan, particularly because celeb Scientologists are expected to contribute big cash to the cause. And that, it seems, is just too much commitment, even for the free-spending Posh. "Scientology is an expensive religion," says the friend. "Victoria is too cheap to convert."

Storch Snubbed by Lindsay, Paris, Women

Pity Scott Storch – he spends countless hours having to escort the likes of Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan and Britney Spears to clubs, late-night fast food, and God knows where else -- and what kind of thanks does he get? Bupkes. The music producer and professional sidekick threw a birthday party last month at Miami uber-club Mansion, but, according to Page Six, none of the toxic trio bothered to show. This, after he bought Lohan $1 million in diamonds over New Year's. Even Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child, who was supposed to serenade the birthday boy, couldn't make it. Derek Jeter and Ludacris, however, were there.

K-Fed Portrayal "Demeaning" to Fast Food Workers

Fast-food workers are unamused that the current poster child for ill-gotten wealth, Kevin Federline, is portraying them in a Super Bowl ad this Sunday. Page Six reports that the Nationwide Insurance spot, in which the Fed-Ex daydreams of being a rapper while taking fry orders, is "demeaning and unpleasant" to restaurant workers everywhere, according to the National Restaurant Association. A Nationwide rep says they didn't mean to offend – they just wanted to do a "humorous take on one person's life," (translation: laugh at K-Fed). Still, a restaurant workers' rep says, "It's a negative, unfair and inaccurate reflection." K-Fed working at a drive-thru? We hardly think that inaccurate.

Party Favors: Shaq Busts Hit-and-Runners ... Police to Reunite at Grammys ... "Sunshine" Wins Big SAG Prize

Miami Beach reserve police Officer Shaquille O'Neal (yes, that one) helped authorities nab a hit-and-run driver early yesterday morning. According to the Miami Herald, two men hit Shaq's Escalade, then took off. Shaq and his bodyguard got in the truck, followed the men and caught up to them. One of the pursued, Junior Rondon, said, "Of all the people, I mean, damn." ... In awards show news, The Police may make their big reunion splash at the Grammy Awards, says, performing one of their megahits on the show. And, says FOX news, a reunion tour will duly follow. ... "Little Miss Sunshine" won the film ensemble acting award at last night's Screen Actors Guild Awards, further throwing the Oscar best-picture prognostication into disarray.

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